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AG Maps FARM is a rich Maps Editor presets collection
designed for various third party Instruments. The collection
comes with additional Instrument MULTI presets specially
customized for the correspondent articulation Maps presets.
The upcoming Maps Farm hosting service will offer online
Logic Articulation Maps sharing to AG Toolkit customers.
Users will be able to log into the Maps Farm and upload or
download custom or factory articulation Maps.

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Logic Articulation Maps Presets


AG Toolkit comes with two additional MIDI FX plugins
which can be used in Logic and Main Stage. The new
“Control Change Channel Multiplier” Environment tool
allows you to transform and multiply an external CC#
into other MIDI Channels, for example, to control the
Expression of several Instruments via the Modulation
Wheel. The Toolkit offers extra MIDI Transform Sets
for composers who want to import Standard MIDI
Files from various scoring applications or other sources.

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Logic Scripter plugins Environment Tools

LPX Articulation REMOTE Control

• iPad Articulation Remote Control Workstation (Lemur).
Now Logic articulations EDITOR can Teleport the articulation Names, Group Names and the Colors directly into the new iPad AG Remote Control Workstation. That revolutionary development creates remote control layouts automatically. The AG Remote Workstation offers 32 page/layouts per iPad Preset.
The iPad Workstation supports bidirectional "Recall Preset" communication with the Logic Instrument tracks.
• Direct Remote Control. You can use a second Keyboard Key Switches or any MIDI device which sends Control Change, Program Change to remote the Articulation Maps.
• Indirect Articulation Remote Control. AG Toolkit comes
with an extra Environment Articulation Remote Control tool.
It is designed for external Keyboard and iOS remote control.

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Instrument Articulation Remote Control

Logic Pro X Articulation SWITCHER

AG Logic Articulation Switcher is a Universal MIDI FX
plugin which detects the Maps mode automatically and
creates Multi Instrument menus (by MIDI Channel) or a
single Instrument menu according to the Maps mode.
The Articulation Maps are delivered to the Logic Articulation
Switcher plugin by simply pressing the “Copy to Clipboard”
button (in the Maps EDITOR) and pasting into the
AG Articulation Switcher plugin "Import Maps" dialog.

Logic Articulation Switcher

Logic Pro Articulation Maps EDITOR

The Articulation Maps EDITOR Software is compatible with
OS X 10.9 - 10.12 and Retina displays. The Editor offers:
• A MIDI Channel, Two Key Switches + Latch,
a Program Change and two CC Map assignments.
• Articulation Maps Manual Ordering + Magnetic Alignment.
• Articulation Maps Coloring and Auto Ordering by Color.
• Articulation Groups.
• Enhanced Map Prefix system.
• Multi Parts View (Ch.All, Ch.1-16) editing.
• Import a Maps Preset into the current loaded Preset.
• Export Maps as Logic Program Names.
• Teleport Maps to iPad (Lemur) AG Remote Workstation.
• Multi Selection and various Batch Editing functions..
• Articulations Navigator window with "Always on Top".
• Multi & Mono Timbral Modes.

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Logic Articulation Maps Editor

AG COMPLETE bundle is an advanced articulation switching system for Logic Pro X. The bundle comes with an Articulation Maps Editor software, where you can create articulation maps easily and order or group them using lots of batch editing functions and quick key commands. The Editor can teleport the Articulation names, groups and colors to Logic and to iPad Remote workstation just within seconds.

The Articulation Maps are shown in the Logic time line and in the Piano Roll as text control points
or Program Change events. The Articulation change events are embedded into the MIDI regions so you can
cut, copy/paste and move the regions without any problems.

You can use a single track in Logic to change the articulations of Instruments such as EastWest Play,
LASS etc., or use Logic Multi-Timbral Instruments with large Orchestral templates. The Muli-Timbral setup
eliminates the Logic 256 Instruments limitation.

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C O M P L E T E   v 5 . 2 . 1
i P a d   A r t i c u l a t i o n   T e l e p o r t   S y s t e m

AG Logic X Articulation control system is based on a very simple and effective philosophy.
You create an Articulation Maps preset in the Articulation Maps software Editor, and teleport that
universal preset to Logic & iPad (Lemur). The new AG iPad Workstation (Lemur) smart engine, creates
an Articulation Maps remote control layout automatically according to the Maps Preset groups and colors.

Price: 25 EUR
Price: 79 EUR
W a t c h   V I D E O

C O M P L E T E   v 5 .1

1. The new "Region" based Articulation control method v5.1 allows you to record or edit the Articulation Maps directly in the Logic Main Window or in the Piano Roll editor.

2. The KONTAKT 64 Articulation system breaks down the 16 MIDI Channel limitation and allows you to use a single track and switch between: the A, B, C, D Ports + MIDI Channels + Multi Articulations (if any per Channel).


• Ultimate Articulation Maps Software EDITOR.
• Factory Articulation Map Presets MEGA collection.
• Logic Templates & 3rd Party Instrument Multi Presets.
• iPad AG Maps Remote Workstations: LEMUR & TouchOSC.
• Orchestral Templates with iPad bidirectional Remote.
• Additional MIDI FX plugins and Transform Presets.
• Step by step HD VIDEO Tutorials.


• All Kontakt libraries.
• Vienna Instruments & VEPro.
• EastWest Play libraries.
• All Instruments powered by Key Switches,
Control or Program change switching.
• Instruments which require latched Key Switches.
• Spitfire UACC.


• OS X 10.9 - 10.13.
• Retina & Regular displays.
• Apple Logic Pro X.

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