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Demo Video details (2008)

The style of the Demo song shown in this page is ethno Bulgarian. The name of this folk style is known as “Na trapeza” (At dining table) and it is used in the vocal and the instrumental music around the country. The style is totally “free groove” regarding the time and tempo signature and is similar to the Italian “Rubato”. The entire arrangement is made over an existing audio track (solo Gadulka instrument).

The sample instruments shown in the demo video present different kind of instruments used in the Bulgarian Orchestra as well as various articulation versions of a given instrument like sustain, tremolo, pizzicato etc. The instruments used in the demo song are mostly in Logic EXS sample format (all Bulgarian Orchestra samples are available in NI-Kontakt format as well).

TANGRA - Bulgarian Ethnic Orchestra
(NI Kontakt)
“Georgiuva stara maika” - DEMO (2008) by I.Kovachev
This folk traditional Bulgarian song is performed by the famous folk singer Katia Gergieva. The Vocal and the solo Instruments (“Kaval” at the beginning and “Gaida” at the end) are live recorded. All arrangements have been made by using the TANGRA sample instruments.
Click/Declick any instrument or group shown on the orchestra diagram above to show/hide the Pop-up tooltip information about the instruments used in the Bulgarian folk orchestra.
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Demo Video

“Liliano Mome” – DEMO (2014) by I.Kovachev

This demo song presents the Tremolo patches of the TANGRA “Tamboura” plectra section. A few upcoming ORPHEUS (Grand Choral Trilogy Part 2) Bulgarian Choir patches are demonstrated in that sound track as well.