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Logic Snapshot Console (SC) is a top-notch MIDI Environment tool compatible Logic Pro 10.6 and above. You can take up to 60 Quick Snapshot scenes of the Logic Mixer, including the Inserts (bypasses); Sends; Pans; Level Faders, Solo and Mute button values. The snapshot automation capabilities are very useful in the everyday work with song compositions and arrangements which use same scene mixes for the different verse or chorus repetitions. You can use one track snapshot automation and toggle just two or three snapshots instead of coping multiple track automations etc. Another advantage is the instant alternative mixing comparison. The default Logic template comes with: 32 Audio Tracks, 32 Audio Instruments and 32 Aux channels which are patched to the Snapshot Console ensemble.




• Quick Snapshots of the Logic mixer including the Inserts (bypasses); Sends; Pans; Level Faders, Solo and Mute button values.

• Up to 60 storage positions (snapshot presets).

• Save Button MIDI control. The save button can be assigned to a custom CC# so you can save the Logic mixer snapshots just by hitting a button on your external midi controller.

• Internal Clipboard & Snapshots Management. The Logic SC has its own internal clipboard. Your temporary mixing work is stored in that clipboard until you decide to save it as a new snapshot preset. You can also use the clipboard to “Revert to Save” if you hit the “Load” console button in case you are unhappy with your temporary work. The Logic SC clipboard can be used to manage your snapshots i.e. you can copy a given snapshot and paste it into another position as a different preset number to store it as a backup or as a starting preset which can be updated or modified.

• Program Change (PC#) MIDI control of the snapshot presets. You can draw or record snapshot automation on the specially assigned SC tracks in the Logic Arrange or just tweak the PC#(s) externally to compare your alternative mixes. You can assign custom midi channel for the PC# communication using the “Prg.Ch” box in the console.

• Program Base support. You can assign a custom program base number in the box labeled as “Prg.Base”.

Example: If you set this box to number 64 then midi Program Change 64# will recall Snapshot Preset 0# in the console, PC#65 - snapshot 1# etc.

• Global ON/OFF buttons. Using these buttons you can globally enable/disable loading snapshot parameters for the Inserts, Sends, Pans, Levels, Mutes and Solos.

• Channel strip ON/OFF buttons. Each ( Logic SC ) can control up to 16 Logic channel strip objects (the snapshot console can be copied and cascaded/linked to the others using the “link buttons”). You can use the Channel strips ON/OFF buttons to enable/disable snapshots loading for some channel strips.

• Direct Snapshot Change using the Logic track inspector in the Arrange. The default template comes with six SC tracks in the Logic Arrange. You can select one of them and choose a given snapshot in the “Prg” box directly from the track inspector.

• Custom Snapshot Names support. You can set custom program names in the Logic SC and copy and paste them in the special Multi Instrument object. In this way the custom names will show in the track inspector in the Arrange.


Price: 59 EUR
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• OS X 10.12 or higher.
• Logic Pro 10.6 or higher.