Vox De Bulgaria S.A.G.E. bundle is the very first massive vocal pack containing solo, duo, trio and choir grooves turning the standard Stylus RMX rhythm machine into an impressive musical instrument. The bundle is remarkable fore its brilliant high quality performances of a third generation young professional female folk singers. The well-known Bulgarian Voices included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing. An awesome variety of up to 25 natively recorded elements per suite (E2-E4) are available for some choir grooves, giving the users the unique possibility to compose live harmony choir tracks using the RMX "Groove Menu" mode in a musical way.
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LogicX Toolkit PRO includes: Articulation Maps
Editor (Mac Application). Universal Articulation Switcher
(MIDI FX plugin). MIDI FX plugins and Environment tools.
Rich Collection of Map Presets for 3rd Party Instruments
and all EXS24 factory patches “+”. Logic Starting Templates. Extra Transform Sets. Multi Instrument Presets. Tutorial Videos and Documentation.

RMX Power Control is a new generation Logic complex environment tool, designed as a powerful Midi Editor for controlling Stylus RMX via Logic Pro. The RMX PCTRL incorporates multiple features in a well-designed macro ensemble workspace. You can easily save RMX parameter snapshots into macro control presets and recall them using a variety of midi messages such as: Program change, Control change or even jam with your snapshots using the unique Key Switcher float tool. The new features include: Parameter Randomizer Machine, Vector Faders dual control, Hyper Set collection for all RMX parts and the Mixer, Program Name support of the Part presets directly from the Logic track inspector, new Screenset Palette etc.

Logic GUI Deluxe is a new friendly graphical interface designed to refresh and inspire the Logic Pro users offering an intuitive design of the objects resembling hardware studio equipment. The pack comes with standard installer(s) so you can easily install the new skin or revert to the original.

The Bulgarian Vox Trilogy – O R P H E U S is a massive vocal sample library for NI Kontakt.
The project was started in 2004 and its mission is to outline the legend of the Mystery of the Bulgarian voices. The instrument patches included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing.

    The Orpheus Trilogy includes:

       • Part 1 - “The Art of Phrases” (available).

       • Part 2 - “Grand Choral” (coming soon).

       • Part 3 - “Solo Vox & FX” (upcoming).

Audiogrocery Virtual Instruments and Sample Libraries

Ethnic vocal libraries, Folk instrument samples, Tribal music, Mystery of voices and more…

Logic Snapshot Console (SC) is a top-notch midi Environment tool compatible with Logic Pro 8, 9 & LPX. You can make up to 64 Quick Snapshot scenes of the Logic Mixer, including the Inserts (bypasses); Sends; Pans; Level Faders, Solo and Mute buttons values.
The Snapshots can be recalled via single Program Change message...