Vox De Bulgaria S.A.G.E. bundle is the very first massive vocal pack containing solo, duo, trio and choir grooves turning the standard Stylus RMX rhythm machine into an impressive musical instrument. The bundle is remarkable fore its brilliant high quality performances of a third generation young professional female folk singers. The well-known Bulgarian Voices included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing. An awesome variety of up to 25 natively recorded elements per suite are available for some choir grooves, giving the users the unique possibility to compose live harmony choir tracks.
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ART Pro X-DAW is a new generation articulation software for Cubase Pro and Logic X, which allows you to create articulation maps for seconds, merge numerous maps into a combo map or convert existing Cubase Maps into Logic Articulation Sets and vice versa. The batch functions, multi Art selection editing and the quick key commands are designed to speed up your production and to give you unlimited articulation control which you have never before.

SYNCHRON Strings Articulation Tools is the very first complete bundle specially designed for a specific library.
• Articulation Sets for Logic 10.4.2 or higher.
• Specially designed User Presets for SY Player.
• Logic Smart Controls for SY Player & iOS Logic remote.

The AG FREE STUFF collection will offer music production tools such as:
• NI Kontakt KSP Scripts.
• Logic MIDI FX plugins (Scripter & Environment).
• Cubase & Logic Articulation Maps.

We develop music software instruments, Bulgarian ethnic sample libraries and DAW articulation switching systems, partnering with the best world’s composers and Bulgarian artists, including famous Hollywood film composers and choirs such as “The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices”.

The Bulgarian Vox Trilogy – O R P H E U S is a massive vocal sample library for NI Kontakt.
The project was started in 2004 and its mission is to outline the legend of the Mystery of the Bulgarian voices. The instrument patches included in this collection bring authentic Balkan ambience into any style of music compositions, film scoring and mixing.

    The Orpheus Trilogy includes:

       • Part 1 - “The Art of Phrases” (available).

       • Part 2 - “Grand Choral” (coming soon).

       • Part 3 - “Solo Vox & FX” (upcoming).

Logic Snapshot Console (SC) is a top-notch MIDI Environment tool compatible with Logic Pro 10.6 and above. You can make up to 64 Quick Snapshot scenes of the Logic Mixer, including the Inserts (bypasses); Sends; Pans; Level Faders, Solo and Mute buttons values.
The snapshot automation capabilities are very useful with song compositions which use the same scene mixes for the different verse or chorus repetitions. Another advantage is the instant alternative mixing comparison.

VEP MULTI Instance is an advanced Composer toolkit for Vienna Ensemble Pro and NI Kontakt sampler.
The system allows you to load up to 128 Kontakt instruments per VEP Instance and to have a direct access to all Kontakt ABCD Ports directly from a single track in your DAW. The system offers up to 8192 Kontakt MIDI Channels per VEP Instance.
VEP MULTI saves a lot of Kontakt instances usage (1:4), as well as CPU, RAM & GPU resources.

Logic MIDI Tools is a collection of various MIDI FX plugins for Logic Pro. The collection will consist of plugins for post MIDI processing and Environment plugins for pre-sequencer processing.

• CC & PB Helper - MIDI FX Plugin.
• eCLONER - MIDI FX Plugin.
• Notes ReMapper - MIDI FX (FREE).


KONTAKT 64 is an Advanced Composer Toolkit for
NI Kontakt. The system is compatible with all DAWs and allows you to have a direct access to all Kontakt A,B,C,D Ports (64 MIDI Channels) directly from a single track in your DAW, powered by an advanced Control Change, Pitch Bend and Aftertouch “Multiplication & Chasing” options.